I Hate Spring

There.  I’ve said it.  I know it’s a terrible thing to admit on a gardening blog, but it has long been my least favorite season. The rollercoaster of temperatures is like a big tease.  One weekend I’m outside in a t-shirt, the next weekend a winter coat (shoveling snow off my flowers).  I hate it.

The moments I’m able to enjoy being outside in a t-shirt are glorious.  Today is not one of those days.  It’s barely 45 and I’m not happy about it.


Regardless, there is work to be done. I need to finish plotting out my garden so I can place an order for cement blocks to be delivered (hopefully tomorrow!).  After much debate and research, I’ve decided to use my Dad’s tried and true method of building raised beds with cement blocks rather than wood.  I did not want to use chemically treated wood and once I crunched the numbers for cement vs cedar, the choice was clear.  Cedar only has a lifespan of about 10 years, so it would have to be replaced eventually anyway.

I’ve used bricks to tentatively plot my garden, checking at various times of day to see how much sun it’s getting.  Our yard is quite shady, but I have one patch in what my husband named “the back 40” where this is fairly consistent sun.



I think I’m happy with this configuration.  I’ve also plotted out how I want to use the space:

garden plan

Now I need to order the supplies, and build a garden!


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