I mentioned I hate spring, right?


And of course this was on my way to work after it had warmed up several degrees. Freezing temperatures two nights in a row after a weekend in the 80s.

We covered the plants and hoped for the best.



My husband was gracious enough to traipse through the mud to uncover the plants each morning.  I, and my heels, thank him.   Yesterday they were looking sad, with a couple of frozen leaves, even after being covered.



I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet today.  My husband’s report was that they looked wilted, but not frozen.

The situation reminds me of our Easter weekend wedding when a sudden deep freeze plunged temperatures to around 40 degrees in Chattanooga (seriously!).  Pictures can be deceiving.

Walking Bridge

Considering my friends and family in North Dakota are dealing with several inches of snow, I guess I shouldn’t complain. I guess.


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