Defying the Odds

Following the April freeze, I’ve been torn between holding out hope and giving up completely on my chili pepper plants. The prognosis was grim.  Even my dad grimaced when I showed him this picture…


The Serrano plants started to show signs of a comeback in mid-May, but I still wasn’t convinced they would survive.


Then suddenly they were large enough to be tied to the stakes.


And now, WE HAVE PEPPERS!!!!


I am concerned that something is eating the leaves.  If anyone knows what this could be and what I should do about it, I would love to know.


The de Padrone pepper plants (in the background below) are still a bit small, but they are trying.


I’m going to shower them with some fresh compost, and assume they will be ok too.

I’m impressed with the fortitude my plants have shown.  Then again, they do live at the Mills house.  I shouldn’t be surprised.







Tomato Collapse

It was my first brief moment of panic.  We walked up to the garden to find  ALL the tomato plants had toppled over.


Either the support poles weren’t strong enough or the tomatoes are growing at a feverish pace.  Likely a combination.  Regardless, we re-staked all of plants and added some extra poles as reinforcements.


The good news is that none of the tomatoes were damaged and we were able to pick the first of our cherry variety.