Pepper Pickin’

Our garden (and kitchen) are officially overflowing with peppers!  The Serrano plants are loaded.


And we’ve put them to good use! Several batches of restaurant-style salsa quickly disappeared.


I also roasted some of the peppers.

They made a nice addition to my grandmother’s mac and cheese recipe (which I was too excited about to take a picture) and gave a delicious kick to this chicken puttanesca sauce.

We also picked the first of the de Padron peppers.


I ordered the seeds on a whim… with only this description to go by…


The average de Padron has a heat index of about 500 scolville (compared to 20,000 in the Seranno variety), but one in about five de Padron hits 25,000 scoville. The intensity of the heat can vary depending on growing conditions, such as amount of water and sunlight.  The only pepper I’ve sampled so far was HOT (although I’ll admit to eating almost all of it anyway.)


So, I don’t know if I just happened to cut into a random hot one, or if I grew them all hot 🙂  I did some googling and learned that de Padron peppers are popular as a tapa in Spain – seared in a skillet with olive oil and then sprinkled with salt.  This is definitely going to be my  next experiment!



Oh, Deer

“The reindeer are eating the flowers!”

Well, my daughter’s statement is half-true.  I don’t have the heart to tell her they aren’t actual reindeer, mainly because it’s so cute.  But that’s really the only cute thing about this situation.

My lilies started out strong and beautiful – loaded with blooms.



Then one day, I noticed the back row of lilies had been munched on.

I was mad at the reindeer, but at least the majority were blooming.


My anger turned to fury when our uninvited guests returned to make a meal out of the leaves, and for dessert, completely strip most of the stalks.


The only bit of good news is the flowers in the front yard have distracted the deer from the vegetables in the back.

How do I keep them out of the flowers?!?!?!?  The only reindeer I want to see are fake ones, in December.