A Day in the Life

On a Saturday morning in March my alarm went off at 7:15 a.m.  I actually woke up at 8:15, which left exactly one hour to wake everyone else up, throw together swimming and ballet gear, and rush out the door to make my daughter’s 9:45 swimming class.

While she and I headed to swimming, my husband went the opposite direction to pick up dry cleaning and shop for a birthday gift for a 2:00 party, before meeting us at the YMCA at 11:00 for what was supposed to be parent observation day in ballet class… only to find out observation day was being pushed back a week.

So I headed home, wrapped the present and suddenly had more than an hour of free time I wasn’t expecting.  While the couch was calling my name, I instead changed clothes, grabbed some seeds and headed to the garden.  And this, folks, is how our spring garden came into existence.

In the time allotted I managed to plant two varieties of radishes, two varieties of carrots, kale, spinach, lettuce, onions and peas.

About one month in, still no sign of the onions, but plenty of radishes  (although they’ve grown more since this picture was taken).


There are a few carrot tops and pea plants coming up, but they haven’t taken off yet.


The lettuce, spinach and kale are showing promise.  I see many green smoothies in our future.


We also started seeds indoors… twice.  More on that later.  The good news is we seem to be headed toward another successful season in the vegetable garden.  And we were only 10 minutes late to the birthday party.


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