The Vanishing Act

It was a lovely spring day in late April. My husband was fortunate enough to have a day off, while I was trying to ignore the sunshine and focus on work. Then I received this phone call…

Husband: Uh, I have some bad news.

Me: Okay…

Husband: It’s about your vegetable plants for the garden. I took them outside to get some sun and… well… they disappeared.

Me: They disappeared?  What do you mean they disappeared?!?!

Husband:  I don’t know. I put them down in the sun, and when I came back they were gone!

Squirrels, wind, birds… who knows.  We’ll file this one under unsolved mysteries.  My husband felt terrible.  He did manage to save a few plants that were strewn across the driveway.  We re-potted those and planted new seeds that are now going strong.

 My perfectly organized and labeled collection of seeds became a hodge-podge of who knows what. I can tell which plants are peppers and which are tomatoes, but beyond that, no clue. 

This weekend’s project will be moving the plants to the garden to join the radishes, carrots and salad greens. I even picked our first radish!


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