Seeing Green

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a wee bit early at my house… I’ll take tomatoes and peppers over corned beef and green beer any day… and it looks like we’ll have plenty of those!DSC01270

The tomato seedlings include beefsteak, floradade and red cherry.  I also have several jalapeno plants.  Still germinating are sweet peppers and serrano hot peppers.  I have two bags of the serrano peppers in my freezer from two years ago, but it’s time to stock back up!

I decided to try starting peas indoors this year since I haven’t had luck direct sowing in spring or fall.  So far so good… I’ll give them another couple of weeks and then move to the garden.


I also have two eggplant, two squash and one broccoli.  I planted a few more broccoli seeds since only one came up.

My trusty sidekick asked to try corn this year.  I did some research and decided to try the “three sisters” method once I can start direct sowing.  This is apparently a Native American practice that involves training beans up the corn stalks and planting squash as ground cover.  The plants feed each other important nutrients.  Another bonus… it will free up space on the trellis for what I hope will be a bountiful pea crop!

I spent time this evening researching appropriate companion plants for the varieties I plan to grow.  Also taking into consideration crop rotation, I developed the garden plan below….

Garden Plan

Next week’s tasks include adding new soil and some compost to the garden so we can start sowing carrots, radishes, peas, spinach and kale!


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